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Metabolic Syndrome

The Harbinger of multiple diseases.
So you thought this was just a bouquet of little irritating problems come all at once. The bouquet of Metabolic syndrome comprises of a cluster of conditions viz
Increased blood pressure
High blood sugar
Excess body fat around waist
Abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels
— that occur together.
These are early warning signs indicating imminent risk of  heart disease,  stroke and diabetes. There is little awareness about Metabolic syndrome and knowing this fact is itself a  step towards healthy living as
“Prevention is better than cure .”
It is therefore imperative that one is able to recognize this condition and take proactive steps before any catastrophic disease strikes.
The American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) identifies the presence of three or more of the undermentioned conditions as the indication of Metabolic syndrome ::
a. Raised Waist circumference–The cutoff limit for males is 40 inches and for females is 35 inches.
b. Raised Triglycerides — A value greater than 150 mg/dl in blood lipid profile is an indicator of risk.
c. Reduced HDL–HDL is considered good for health.Value less than 40 mg/dl in Men and 50mg/dl in Women is an indicator of risk of Metabolic Syndrome.
d. Raised Blood pressure –BP readings greater than 130/85 mm of hg is an indicator of risk of Metabolic Syndrome.
e. Raised Fasting Blood Glucose–A raise in fasting blood sugar  beyond 100 mg/dl an indicator of risk of Metabolic Syndrome.
Whilst the presence of any three or more of the above symptoms indicate Metabolic syndrome, even having one or two symptoms could increase the risk. The main reason for having metabolic syndrome is physical inactivity, obesity and ageing etc.
A sure fix method of  combating this problem is by aggressive lifestyle changes that can delay and prevent the onset of many serious diseases. Generally 200-300 minutes of physical activity spread over 3 to 5 days a week is is advisable to start with little and get better each day.
To conclude, Metabolic Syndrome is an early warning sign that needs to be looked into. A wake up call for one to reboot and kick-start their lifestyle into a healthy one. Metabolic syndrome thus cannot be ignored.

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