Yogic Life

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Yogic Life

Yoga is much more than just a Fitness Routine.Yoga is a Way of Living.
Teachings of Great Yogi Swami Sivananda help us in adopting a Yogic Living by following these Five Basic Principles.
1.Proper Exercise-Asana
2.Proper Breathing-Pranayama
3.Proper Relaxation-Savasana
4.Proper Diet-Satvik Ahaar
5.Positive Thinking-Dhyana
Regularly performing Yoga Asanas ensure Blood Circulation , Strength and Flexibily in muscles. When we perform the poses with concentration ,awareness and Proper Breathing ,the Body and Mind harmonise with each other.Proper Breathing increases the intake of oxygen through long inhalations and the release of toxins through exhalations.Breathing techniques purifies the nadis and help balancing the energy in our system.Proper Relaxation with Proper Breathing is the Nature’s Way of recharging every cell of the body.A balanced Satvik Meal is like fuel for our body by supplying energy and repairing body tissues. Positive Thoughts facilitate growth and contribute in building inner strenth.
By following these 5 points in our daily living, we can learn to live in the Solid Present and Overcome Fears of our Future and Death.
Welcome Life’s Demands.
Be a happy yogi

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