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Thyroid Cure

Thyroid Cure

So you wake up every morning, planning to be super active and productive.
And then your Thyroid says….
“Ha! That’s a good one…
Take a nap, babes 😈😈.”

No amount of sleep and rest can cure the tiredness that you feel and giving up is always an easy option.
But Don’t make it your choice !!
Only Few mins of Yoga , Pranayama and Mudra Meditation can correct your thyroid disfunction.
Click on the below link for Thyroid Yoga and Pranayama Routine 👇

Thyroid Cure

In addition to these, a few more very useful tip for correcting thyroid are…

Tip 1🔯
Shank Mudra Meditation.
Assume the Shank Mudra and focus on your breath with closed eyes for a few mins.

Siting at the base of your spine , bring both your hand in front of your chest.Encircle your left thumb with the fingers of your right hand.Let the thumb of the right hand touch the middle finger of the left hand.
Calm your mind and Chant ‘Om’ 21 times.

Tip 2🔯
Activate the Thyroid point on your palm and get active.
Just beneath your thumb on your palm, the puffy area represents the thyroid gland of your body.
Press this area while doing Kapal Bhanti Pranayama for 10 to 15 mins.

Tip 3🔯
Along with regular exercise and yoga , detoxifying becomes a very important part in improving thyroid functions also aiding in weight loss. So pamper yourself at the spa or at your local gym.
Get a full body massage followed by Sauna or steam bath 🛀 … Once or twice a week. This could be heaven for everyone 😊😊

Add these to your daily Fitness routine.
You can cure your thyroid ….👍🌹

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Pray for Universal Peace 🙏 Om

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