Thyroid Cure

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Thyroid Cure

Sitting at the base of the neck , this butterfly shaped gland called the Thyroid gland often gets naughty , leading to hormonal imbalances in the body. Fatigue, hair loss, swelling on face, unexplainable sudden weight loss or gain , irritable nature, mood swings, depression could be few of the symptoms. If not treated on time , it could become more hazardous.
However, one can support thyroid function by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, daily Yoga and exercises and by following a thyroid friendly diet.
Take out time for this and see your TSH reach the normal range within 10 days.

15 mins Kapal Bhanti
21 times Ujjayi Pranayama
5 mins Nadi Shodhan
11 times Brahmri Pranayama
3 times Om chanting

A few Asans that are very helpful in correcting the thyroid function ⬇

Bhujanga Asana
Nauka Asana
Vipreet Nauka Asana
Ushtra Asana
Matsyendra Asana
Sarvanga Asana
Hold in each pose for 1 min
Then relax your body in the Shavasana.

Begin with little… If not all of it…
And gradually progress…

Take care of your Thyroid Gland
Your body butterfly

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