The Glueteal Stretch

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The Glueteal Stretch

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Strengthen your glutes for proper and untroubled movement of your whole body. Unknowingly, We forget stretching this specific body area and that gradually leads to Atrophy of this muscle.
Rewards of the Gluetial Stretch~

🎲Increases suppleness in the gluets & hamstrings.
🎲Delays fatigue on the gluteus muscles.
🎲Stiff gluteus muscles and hamstrings are connected with lower back pain and back problems.Performing the glute stretch reduces pressure experienced on the back.
🎲Beneficial for correcting your alignment and posture.
🎲Massages and corrects abdominal organs.
🎲A great stretch post Running ,Walking or any cardio session.

Doing it is Simple😊
👉Sit straight at the base of your spine, on a mat with hands placed at the side of your hips and legs extended forward with straight knees.
👉Bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left knee.
👉Next, bend the left knee and place the left foot on the mat.
👉Now, with the help of both your hands start pulling the left foot closer to your hip. Once your left foot touches the left glute,tuck your tummy in and hug your knees .Hold in this pose and breathe for 30 secs. Then Repeat with the other leg.
Please Note : You could consider taking support of the wall. So with your spine imprinted on the wall,Happily… stretch your Booty 😊
Be a happy yogi 🐻

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