Utthan Pristhasana (The Lizard Pose)

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Utthan Pristhasana (The Lizard Pose)

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For your cranky, stiff and irritating Groin area and Hips, here’s a fabulous stretch that eases out all the discomfort.
This is a mild Asana that stretches and strengthens the groin and hamstrings while preparing the body for advanced hip openers.
A wonderful Preparatory Asana for Advanced Poses like Hanuman Asana and Pigeon Pose.
To perform this pose is simple…
Assume a lunge,
then dropping forearms down ,
Next dropping the knee and straightening the behind leg.
Smile and breathe
Opens the hips
Strengthens Hamstrings
Strengthens Groins
Stretches Hip Flexors
Back Pain often occurs due to stiffness in the Hip joints.Practicing this pose could help cure back pain.
Releases Stress
Activates Mooladhara Chakra
Go slowly and don’t push your body beyond its limits,as jerky movements could result in muscle strain.
Prevention is always better than cure.
As you hold this pose , breathe deeply in it… For a min… Then repeat with the other Leg.
Including this pose in your daily for a Stress Free Day…
Be a happy Yogi.

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