Vrikshasana- The Tree Pose

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Vrikshasana- The Tree Pose

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Standing tall yet remaining strongly grounded in the Vrikshasana helps us attain Steadiness in Life, just as of a Tree 🌲
Balancing on one leg steadily teaches us to remain Focused yet Calm and Relaxed preparing our mind to be able to strike the balance in our different aspects of life.The Namaskar Mudra assumed in this pose enhances our Spiritual Growth and Enlightment.
At the Physical Level, Vrikshasana, Joyfully Stretches the entire body and Strengthens Our Thighs,Calves,Knee and Ankle joints, leaving us with Increased Hip Flexibility.
This Asana is easily performed By first Standing Erect on left leg, then bending the right leg and placing the right foot on the left inner thigh. Then, with an inhalation, raising both hands above head and assuming the Namaskar Mudra. Hold the pose and breath deeply for 30secs.Then Repeat with the other leg.
However,incases of High BP, Low BP, Migraine, Insomnia, Knee Pain or any other serious illness,always remember to consult your Doctor before attempting.
Prevention is better than Cure
Gracefully Standing tall in the Tree Pose with a Gentle Smile adorning your face, each inhalation, lifts your heart and body, and each exhalation helps you to stay deeply rooted in the ground.
Include this posture into your daily routine to achieve tranquility and happiness in life.
Be a happy yogi.

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March 4, 2017 at 8:56 am

Wowww yaar ….I will try this…Loved ur article 👌👌👌👌

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