Loose Weight and never Gain it back#Healthy Living#Wealthy Living

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Loose Weight and never Gain it back#Healthy Living#Wealthy Living

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Has your passion ever left you feeling beautiful ? Like you are walking on air?
Mine does…😊… My passion to spread wellness leaves me feeling glamorous.
When I see my yoga mates smiling at me after the Om chanting at the end of our yoga session…I feel like I’m walking on air.I feel satisfied and contended when anyone say they are inspired by me to take healthyfull steps…❤ Whenever I cook something healthy in my kitchen, I feel awesome…and when my friends cook something healthy in theirs and share pics with me…thanking me for motivating them to take mindful steps… I feel recharged…🌞….I surely have learnt one thing in my journey… to stay motivated …One has to keep motivating…its such a lovely deep connection…👭👭👭👭….
My quest to spread wellness is quite full filled by my delivery of yoga sessions…where I try to curtail to individual needs and requirements of my companions…but an ardent desire to do more… heal more…is always there…The very reason why www.fitsvilla.com took place was my wish to share my experiences and thoughts with all ….across the globe… and also learn from theirs…. so that more and more people are motivated to stay fit and healthy.
The happening of —–
~SIMPLY GREEN~THE LIQUID WISDOM was another glorious moment for me… when I successfully was able to make this Garden fresh green tea leaves available to my friends and family…The assurity of purity compelled me to become a Green Tea Entrepreneur… and spread spoons of holistic wellness into everyone’s daily cup… A dream to make an absolute adulteration free Green tea available to all.. has begun to come true as I’ve distributed my second lot amongst many I know.Leaves that leave you as healthy & fresh as a Leaf🌿🍃
A step towards Healthy Life Style…..
A step towards Healthy & Wealthy Living !!


Try these Pure Green tea Leaves and feel the difference.Adding No Essence & Keeping it Simply Green was so that the antioxidants remain intact.So pure that just half a tea spoon is enough for a cup.
An Antioxidant Rich Green tea to leave you absolutely stress free.Every sip is full of goodness.
And here’s what I discovered.
Adding Natural flavours could make your cup of goodness , more healthier & Tastier.


You could order your pack of SIMPLY GREEN Green tea leaves on fitsvilla@gmail.com
Become a distributer
Spread wellness @ your family , relatives & friends.

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