You are as “Young” as your Spine is “Flexible”

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You are as “Young” as your Spine is “Flexible”

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You are only as “young” as your spine is “flexible”.

Your “S” shaped spine with the 33 vertibreas ( bones of our spine) stacked one upon the other is what enables you to stand straight , walk , turn, bend and twist… The jelly filled ball like discs inbetween the vertebreas ~the intervertebral discs ~ help avoid the vertebreas from rubbing against each other.With age , these discs become brittle and flatter ,which often lead to spinal strains and injuries.
To Avoid A WEAK BACK situation , do these few asans that will strengthen your spine…
●Pawan mukta asana
●Setubandh asana
●Markat Asana
●Nitambh Asana
●Bhujanga Asana
●Dhanurasana (advance pose)
●Ushtra Asana (advance pose)

Please Note :::: If you have a very weak back, you must avoid the advance poses in the beginning .
Find a yoga Coach… Under their guidance, perform these poses …Learn their limitations and correct way of doing them.Once you know the correct method… include them into your daily workout routine.

Go the Spinal Way✌… take out few moments for this series of yoga asans that strengthen the spine.
Heal your spine daily🌞
Nourish and strengthen your Spine❤
Before its too Late…✋
Prevention is always better than Cure 😊
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December 29, 2016 at 5:10 am

Thanks dear for sharing this information… As today’s life style we all need these tips to improve our postures 👍👍👍👍

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