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Healthy Living # Wealthy Living

Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Pilates and Aerobics trainer, Reiki Healer, Blogger are some amongst the many activities that Shweta Raizada specializes in. Having mastered modern fitness regimes like Aerobics, Pilates, resistance training etc she strives to blend it with her expert passion -Yoga Practice, thereby joyfully connecting to the 5000 year old tradition. Her mission is to instill an intrinsic transformation inspired by the alchemy of Yoga. Her present focus is on formulating a healthy ultra-pure, minimally processed oxidant rich Green tea that would be launched in first quarter of 2017 and will be called ‘Simply Green’ by Fitsvilla . Her articles appear in Stayfit magazine and her blog at .

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Embracing every morning with a beautiful smile and a deep inhalation, my day brightens in my little yoga hub with my ever energetic yoga companions, waiting for me to deliver to them a yogic hour .Yes…I feel absolutely beautiful being a Yoga Teacher. Having mastered several modern fitness regimes from leading organizations like Reebok, Pilates Institute of America, BFY, AHA etc, I eventually found my calling in the traditional Indian Wisdom of Yoga.

My tryst as a wellness coach began eight years ago, with a desire to loose the stubborn fat that was lovingly clinging around me. So I stepped into the studio to join the fitness classes to lose weight. It was sheer coincidence that a Fitness Trainer batch was about to begin there. I instantly changed my decision and signed up to learn the science behind loosing weight. This implied being empowered to help myself and many others to stay fit ‘n’ healthy for the rest of the life. Soon as a trainer I would have cheerful mornings and evenings with my aerobics students flowing with my choreography on the latest aerobics music and then rushing to multiple gyms helping folks use weights and equipment. The pace and students ever increased .till one day. when a minor mishap left me with a badly injured ankle and I was advised rest for a month. A Setback! Now what?

My only GOAL was to pass this sedentary period without adding a single pound. I began thinking out of the fitness manuals and designed my own set of rehabilitation routine for my injured lower body. Simultaneously working hard enough for my Upper body. I practiced a lot of yogic breathing techniques and yoga asanas that were showing remarkable result… Soon I successfully recovered from my ankle injury… and was stronger than before… I development a love for yoga…and wanted to learn more of it.. I would join different yoga classes to feel nourished… and also switched to delivering yoga sessions instead of aerobics.. It wasn’t about what was better….and not what the world was doing… It was about what I was passionate about and what suited me more… I learnt ” My Mind…My Body…My Rules,Explore…Feel…And then configure… ”

My life as a Yogi is a quest much beyond the realms of asanas. I have discovered Pranayama magnifies your life force energy, while Dhyana (meditation) uplifts you spiritually. This ancient practice harmonizes mind, body and soul by offering mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Initially I needed to blend Yoga with modern fitness regimes but over the past two years people are actually seeking its traditional pristine format. This largely was due to the stellar efforts of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji , which is his finest gift to humanity.

As enshrined in the Yoga Sutra – “tapahswadhyayeshwarpranidhanani kriyayogaha” meaning self discipline self study and devotion is yoga in form of action. Whatever be your objective, get yourself a Yoga mentor and get going. Being too much result oriented often leads to break in consistency. So begin with small steps…Keep adding to your steps… Progressively keep growing… Set backs are quite a blessing… Welcome them with a positive attitude.
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Rama Sharma

December 13, 2016 at 5:36 am

Very well written…u r truly amazing

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