An half an hour Exercise Addict

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An half an hour Exercise Addict

An old acquaintance who had made it big in the corporate sector met me with a worried face. Any fitness professional could easily guess, it is the case of extreme corporate stress. Indeed the regular over-hours, deadlines, travel etc with zilch focus on owns health that was the root cause of her worries. The long sitting hours at a desk with sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits had transformed her into an obese being.
Like all such overworked individuals she cited , “Lack of time” as the primary excuse for avoiding a fitness routine. Having heard such a story on several occasions in the past, I discarded her notions as where there is a will there always is a way. Working out all her extraneous priorities besides fitness, I asked her the average time she can spare in a day for her fitness regime. She after much thought said with the kind of work pressures that she is subject to, she could barely scrape out half an hour for her workout.
The immediate challenge for me was to design her workout schedule such that she gets a blend of aerobic workout and body conditioning. Although she was overweight, her stamina was fairly decent as she had been hitting the gym on and off. Given her half an hour limitation I conceived a blend of 10 minutes high intensity Cardio followed by 15 minutes of body conditioning and 5 minutes of stretching.
We kick-started the cardio phase with a 3 minute warm-up that consisted of simple movements like toe taps, heel taps, step touch etc. that progressed into jumping-jacks, kicks marches , spot running etc for 3-4 minutes & ended the cardio phase with 200-300 skips with the skipping rope. The body conditioning phase was packed with the following exercises:-

a. Squats (2 sets of 20 each) for the lower body

b. Sit-ups (2 sets of 20 each), Double leg raise (2 sets of 20 each), Crunches (2 sets of 20 each) for the abdominal muscles.

c. Short Lever pushups (2 sets of 10 each)

d. Rear Kick backs in Quadruped position (2 sets of 15 each)

e. Holding on the Plank position for 20 counts for strengthening the shoulder muscles.
Next came the stretching phase which consisted of the cobra stretch (Bhujanga aasana), Ab thigh and glute stretch (Nitambh aasana), shoulder chest and back stretch. The workout ended with a cooling down that was similar to the warmup.
This carried out for a while and within fortnight her body got used to the exercise regime and so I had to set the next challenge. To begin with , the repetitions in the above exercises were increased viz., the number of sets, skips etc. The intensity of each exercise was raised by introducing isometric holds. Progressively the half an hour slot became more and more intense.
In the first month itself, her muscles started toning with a visible inch loss. The weighing scale did not show any major change. However she felt vibrant, energetic and ready to take on any challenge at workplace.Over the next few months she most of the excess fat.

She today considers herself an –
~Half an hour workout addict ~
and does not miss it, come any obstacle.

As a collateral benefit, fitness has enhanced her endurance to deal with stresses at work place.She motivated other colleagues , friends and family members to join in her journey towards
a healthier , fitter and happier lifestyle.
You too can help bring someone’s sunny side up and transform their lives into a healthier story.

Keep Motivating …
Stay Motivated !

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Sachin Rane

October 29, 2016 at 1:52 pm

Hello ma’m, I am Cdr Sachin Rane, a colleague of Shashwat and have been getting updates of your articles from the time I have become friends with Sashwat on fb, probably since you tag him. I have been practicing yoga for last two years and have been lately reading a lot of articles on wellness and good life. Have found your articles interesting..keep up the good work..regards

    Shweta Raizada

    October 29, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Thanku Cdr. Rane for reading my articles…. this comment encourages me to write more…
    Will surely continue to keep motivating n stay motivated…???

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