Mom’s for Fitness-An anecdote

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Mom’s for Fitness-An anecdote

Frequently like all fitness professionals, I get queries from demanding clients. One such query was from an middle aged lady with unrealistic expectation of shedding layers of fat accumulated in the three and half decades of her existence. The only effort that she perceived would be possibly to walk into the studio and started asking what guarantees can be given that she achieves her target weight and inch loss within a week/fortnight/month. I diplomatically responded by asking her to first give a guarantee that she would be present for each and every class and would complete the 60 minutes workout with max intensity. And she went out with the standard excuses given by all exercise procrastinators …I will try… er been out of touch since the second delivery… Next I told her that you have answered your own question and went on to explain the science, art and techniques behind weight loss. Explaining the need to progressively overload each and every muscle in a balanced way, I cautioned her that the start of the journey may not show very encouraging results as regards to the weight scale. Hence it was paramount to experience the joy of improving general fitness as the starting point. She was convinced about the concept but wriggled away giving lame excuses.

Quite coincidently she bumped onto me in the market a fortnight later and saw me with my nine year old kid. She was unable to believe that I was deep into motherhood and she remarked that you barely look like a college student and so I quite did not take you seriously the other day at the studio. However now that you are my age, I really need to know your secret. I simply told her that I practice what I preach with total passion. She lamented that she has tried many a fitness regimes but could not sustain any of these, beyond a fortnight max and that was her rationale behind her seeking time-bound results when we first met. We chatted and she decided to give fitness a shot and there I was with yet another opportunity to change somebody’s life and lifestyle and this time would do it in a uniquely different way.

The first day was just an informal half an hour walk followed by light stretches during which I casually obtained her medical concerns as well as other interests pertaining to fitness. I learnt that for the past three years after her second delivery she had not done any serious fitness routine. Her lifestyle had spiralled into an abyss of hogging parties with foodies and late night outings which she was just not intending to leave. Lifestyle management was an imperative for her but it had to be slowly introduced. Since she was fond of dancing in her childhood days, aerobics in dance form was thus the first choice. The light aerobics was followed by mat work and body conditioning in the initial days. This combo of cardio and conditioning was done every alternate day. The intermediate days were packed with a surprise workout that was any one of the alternate forms like yoga, power yoga, pilates, gym-ball, skipping , walking, spinning, cross trainer, pranayam etc. I introduced her to tabata to be carried out on Sundays and holidays and the deal was that with each round of tabata she would send me a sms. The idea was to progressively yet continuously build her stamina and get her into a fitness regime without the monotony of a standardised workout. This ensured that not a day passed when she did not have a thing to do for her fitness.
The results were not immediately visible on the body. However her level of energy and well-being progressively increased. It took a fortnight for the ever increasing weight to stabilise. Within a month she improved her cardio capacity and was able pace with a mainstream class. Six weeks later she was able to push herself to do close to hundred squats, lunges and surya namaskars etc. Her desire to gobble down unhealthy food diminished. We struck a deal that every time she indulged in calorie rich food she would click its picture and save it in a folder called Hall of shame in her mobile. He
shame in her mobile. Her late night parties were slowly replaced by Zumba parties. Slowly yet steadily the fitness bug struck her. Some 3 months later she had to redo her wardrobe to cater for her shrink-wrap size. Totally transformed… it was a satisfying moment for me when I got a call from her some time later when she very excitedly announced that she has shocked someone to the core. When I asked how?? …she simply said, she was mistaken to be a college girl rather than a mother of two. ….???


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October 27, 2016 at 3:19 am

U always Rock baby :*
Thnx for motivation !

Simran Thareja

October 27, 2016 at 7:41 am

Ur powers r infinite Shweta…….its truely a gr8 honour to hv u as a part of my life……ur existence on earth is a blessing for ol around u… change my life too…..i ll not leave even a single stone unturned to mk myself healthy n i know its only u who can transform me ……i m in for it……tell me where n when……u hv a long way to go n may u reach for the stars….loads of lv n luck??????????????

    Shweta Raizada

    October 28, 2016 at 4:56 am

    You probably don’t know how beautiful a person you are… since a year. .I’ve seen u doing soo much for others…. Gathering people to get into the fitness mode….
    Inspiring others…
    Taking initiative. ..
    Doing it all. ..
    I feel honoured to be part of yr mission….❤?
    Love u
    God bless

Bindiya kharb

October 28, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Beautifully written shweta…any body could be inspired. .Thank my stars for that meeting…I too hav started my journey and hope to achieve my targets this time.

    shweta raizada

    October 29, 2016 at 11:58 am

    That sounds beautiful too. ..
    Through all you ups and down… I’ve seen u alwez standing strong and tall …. wishing for lots of love n good health…

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